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NOTICE:   As of Oct. 25, 2015

John Nikodym moved to suspend the collection of local dues because of the amount we have in the treasury and no longer having the main expense of printing and mailing newsletters.  Myron seconded.  During discussion Sherrill asked how we would maintain a roster of current members.  We will use the current roster and add members to it when people ask to be added while we are not collecting local dues.  Members must still pay national dues to be a member of the Nebraska Region.   The motion passed. 

National dues will get you the finest antique automobile magazine in print,

plus a lot of other benefits.


For just $5 annually, you can belong to the Nebraska Region AACA.


Join now:

 - to enjoy the company of others that share the hobby.

 - to make connections for when you need to find or sell parts.

 - to see collections that are not open to the public.

 - because you are paying to get that excellent National magazine anyway.

 - to get the regions newsletter by e-mail.

 - because of the FUN EVENTS planned out on the EVENTS page.

 - to list items for sale or wanted on this website, at no extra charge.

 - because it is only  $5.00 or  $160.00 for the rest of your life, to never hassle with it again.


Send To:


Sherrill Echternkamp


104 Northridge Dr

Clay Center NE 68933

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