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We are a 501(c)3 designated organization.  

Donations are welcome and appreciated.


104 Northridge Drive

Clay Center NE 68933

The Nebraska Region

The Nebraska Region Antique Automobile Club of America is a group of people who share a common interest in antique vehicles.  The group meets about randomly throughout the year, usually in conjunction with other events or at location that is historical or automotive in nature.  Membership was $10.00, then $5.00, and now $0.00, per year.  Membership in National AACA is required to join an AACA Region.  With National membership comes a subscription to the finest antique automobile magazine in the world.  The Nebraska Region membership includes a newsletter that is provided by e-mail and the fun and fellowship of others who share your interests and are a valuable resource for nearly anything related to the hobby.   Please check out the "JOIN US" page and also the National AACA website -

History of the Nebraska Region AACA

The creation of an AACA Nebraska Region was the goal and pursuit of Myron Smith.  A meeting  was held on April 6th., 2002, at the Pizza Kitchen in Milford Nebraska.  Present were 20 people, including: Myron Smith, Barb Smith, Bob Reinke, Mark Bright, Sharon Bright, Dave Wallick, Lee McComb, Lynda McComb, Curt McConnel, Kermit Wilke, Patti Doughty, Andy Flagge, and 8 others.   The Region was formed, named, and officers appointed.

The first OFFICIAL meeting ( after charter was approved by national ) was in Hebron Nebraska at M.b.R. in conjuction with the July 4th. 2002 car show.  At this show, and the first official meeting, the club was awarded, by the car show, best club participation.  Corporation papers were filled on  Nov. 25th. 2002.  The club sponsored it’s first National Meet June 28th., 2008 in Hastings Nebraska, and it's first tour in 2012.  A second national meet in 2014.



Paid Membership in:
2003 - 21
2004 - 21
2005 - 22
2006 - 23
2007 - 13
2008 -  21
2009 -  25
2010 -  31
2011 -  51
2012 -  68   37+31 spouses
2013 -  69   38+31 spouses

2014 -  83   44+39 spouses

2015 -  62   35+27 spouses

2016 -  4      2+2 spouses  ( Dues was dropped, 2 paid couples via life memberships )

2017 -  4      2+2 spouses  ( Dues was dropped, 2 paid couples via life memberships )

2018 -  4      2+2 spouses  ( Dues was dropped, 2 paid couples via life memberships )

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